What The Hell Is The Debatable ?

Welcome to The Debatable, your one-stop shop for the latest sporting news and topics that you—the common sports fan—are having at the bar or the water cooler.

Started by Jimmy Wingfield and Josh Peick, this website and bi-weekly podcast will dive beyond the surface of breaking news and try to answer some of the questions us as sports fans have. We don’t claim to be experts, but we are avid fans who have watched sports since you had to check the TV Guide channel to see if ESPN was airing Sportscenter. So we’re not that old, but we’ve lived and breathed sports for more than 20 years.

We created this site because we saw a decline in quality of national sports media the past few years. If we have to hear about Lavar Ball or how Lebron’s career compares to Michael Jordan’s career every other week, we might just give up sports all together for the sake of keeping our sanity.

So if you want to hear two people yelling at each other just for the sake of yelling, or read hypothetical posts about how the biggest free agent would work for all 30 teams in the league, this isn’t the site for you. But if you want to hear and read intelligent sports’ conversations and want to be a part of those conversations, The Debatable is the sports hub for you.

Don’t pass us up on the TV-Guide-channel of sports blogs, or you’ll have to waste another five minutes of your time looking and hear about how Chloe Kardashian is affecting the Cavaliers’ play.